Saturday, 24 January 2015

Hardware for Norway

Hoping to get a video up soon and go into depth a bit about some of the kit choices, but here's a couple of photos for now. Some of the kits tried and tested for me like my DMM Super Couloir harness and some its new for the trip like the Petzl Laser speed and speed light ice screws. Specialist Training have provided us with some new DMM Migrant 8.2mm half ropes for the trip to replace some old Mammut half ropes I was using. The ice is looking thin at the moment, temperatures are now consistently bellow freezing so hopefully it will thicken up by Feb but just in case I'm taking some rock gear, half set of DMM WallnutsDMM 4CUs and a couple of Camp pitons. Keep your eyes open for the video post soon and some tech tips on here or my YouTube channel.

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