Friday, 9 January 2015

Petzl Cordex Plus glove review

I've been using the Petzl Cordex Plus glove since 2009, (the dirty pair in the photo), 6 years of mountaineering, rope access and general abuse. I'm convinced these are one of the best general purpose gloves out there and here's why...
Fit: the fit is great, the sizing is very true, I'm typically an XL in gloves but almost always have to put up with shorter fingers. The fingers are in proper proportion to the hand size which is a rarity. The stretch panels across the knuckles let you flex and work with your hands without getting tight backs or achy hands fighting the leather all the time whilst gripping a rope.

Materials: the gloves are described as a medium weight belay and rappel glove, made of goats skin leather with stretch nylon panels and a good neoprene style cuff with Velcro closure. I have thrown some abuse at these gloves, I wear them for ice climbing, mountaineering, belaying, rope access, confined space work and DIY to name a few. Its only in the last month that I have started to go through a couple of the finger tips. My only comment, and it may just be my hand size but the stretch panels are directly across my knuckles. I have no protection if I catch, scuff or strike my knuckles, however this is a small price to pay for such dexterity. The leather is padded on the palm and double layered in high stress areas.
Features: one of the best features of this glove is the carabiner hole, this is so useful, I almost permanently keep them on a small snap gate, even when not working in a harness, its just so convenient. The Velcro cuff is what really sets these apart from Chamonix bin men gloves and truck driver style work gloves. The cuff can be secured nice and snug and prevent any dirt, snow or ice from dropping into your gloves, the stretch properties of the neoprene cuff let you get a good fit without worrying about circulation or discomfort.
Overall: excellent gloves, I wear them for almost everything, I've just got a nice new pair provided by Specialist Training Consultants Ltd ready for a Norway trip in Feb where I will use them as a general climbing glove. It's worth getting a lump of G-wax or similar waterproofing for leather boots and working it in if your going anywhere damp or wet. They retail around £40, mine lasted for 6 years, as far as gear goes it's one of the best investments I've ever made!

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