Tuesday, 6 January 2015


After my last trip to Norway back in 2007 I vowed never to under finance or undervalue nutrition as an aspect of planning. During my 07 trip my daily diet consisted of:

Breakfast, quarter of a tin of fruit, half a berocca.
Lunch, 2 chocolate bars
Dinner, pasta tuna

All in all way under what is needed for 7 days solid of climbing in temperatures as low as -15c out of the wind!

Since those scrounged student days I have learnt a lot on the value of food and in particular where it comes from. Although we are still planning on food to take with us we have settled on the Trek range of bars from natural Balance Foods. You may of heard of them with their amazing Nakd bars which are available in most supermarkets. We have chosen their Trek range, bars and flapjacks which have added protein content.

Typical values          per 55g bar
(of which sugars)21.1g
(of which saturates)1.0g

The nutritional value is very good as well as the ingredients being minimal, they are also raw and made in the UK. As well as the standard Trek bar we will also be taking Trek flapjacks.


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